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It all started with a case of leftover mangoes...


Jam, owner and chef at Thai Fresh, had bought too many mangoes for the restaurant and needed to move them quickly. Someone suggested we make ice cream. So she made coconut milk based mango-lime ice cream to sell as a dessert and it went like hot cakes.

Suddenly, the 2 qt. cuisine art ice cream maker wasn't

getting a break and we were starting to add more and more flavors to the menu. 


Many of these flavors actually came from ingredients we already had and seasonal fruits we are getting from our farmers. Our ice creams are made in small batches, with most flavors contain no more than 4 ingredients.  

In Thailand, the coconut ice cream vendor pushing their cart around is a common sight. Thai cooking is all about using the most out of local ingredients and exploring the nuances of different flavor combinations. 

We have an incredible team and a lot of creative minds to help with this new journey, and we can't wait to show people how delicious coconut milk based ice cream can be. 

We hope you enjoy!

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